Welcome to LIFE Co-op!

Registration and enrollment now open for the 2014/15 academic year!

Only -2- more spots available!!!

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After visiting our teaching space, some of us have concluded that it would be great to shampoo our carpets, clean and possibly paint. As we should all be teaching our children...many hands make light work!


EVITE- http://www.punchbowl.com/parties/e445ca796e63daad4e86/view

Coming up quickly is our all-family LIFE orientation day/meet n' greet/ice cream social! In discussing correspondence needs, the admin has decided it would be good to turn this day into a 'take care of last-business' as well as a 'chance to socialize' gathering. Therefore, we will have as many of our forms as possible there--including registration forms for anyone who might just bring along a new signee, since we still have available student-space--the volunteer sign-ups list, etc. We'll be meeting at River Forks Park at 4pm for this as well as to enjoy some eats (provided by each family for their own family), kid-play/sun-soaking and ice cream (provided by LIFE admin). 

So, mark your calendars for Sunday, September 6th @ 4pm for our LIFE Meet n' Greet / Ice-cream Social!


September 9th is our first, official LIFE school-day! 

We'll be meeting at the Covenant Life Fellowship church building off of West Harvard (See the Contact Us for our physical address) at 8:30am that morning. From 8:40-8:55am we will hold 'chapel time' in the sanctuary where we will pray and sing and open our first day together on a great, positive note. 

Actual class-time begins at 9am, though all students are expected at chapel-time. 

For the rest of the schedule, visit the LIFE Classes link. We can't wait for our first day of school, together!!!


As has been stated from the beginning, this is a COOPERATIVE... 

which means that ALL parents of students are expected to put in a certain amount of volunteer hours. 

If you've already signed up for the month of September for your hours, you're on top of it--thank you! If you have not, however... you need to contact Jessica Hugill ASAP to fill those in. If for some reason you can't be there, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find someone who can fill-in/cover for you. 

Thanks for your help!


On August 27th, our LIFE teachers met to figure out plans for the school-year, together! BE EXCITED for what's in store...we have some really great, inspired and creative teachers on board! 

And if you feel at all like joining the LIFE teaching crew, there's still plenty of opportunity to do so!!! Remember... NO experience required. ;)

Have some news to add? Email Hayley with the details...

 What does LIFE stand for?


We strive to be relevant and to know our students... Who they are, how they learn and what they love. We want to instill a deep love and passion for learning...

now, and for the rest of their lives!


We want our children to be impacted so they can go forth and impact this world. 

We want to transform lives...through a school-experience that is rich and Christ-centered! 


We want our children to stand strong...no matter what the future and this world throws their way, leaning on God’s Word to weigh their choices and desires for their own life.


We want our children to understand the world around them so they can thrive within it and better reach and integrate with those around them. We want to equip them to succeed and excel in all pursuits they choose for their adolescent and adult life so they can be inserted into whatever career path they feel God calls them to.

What is LIFE? 

We are a local group of homeschool moms who have the passion and vision to give our kids a class-experience where they can interact, learn, create and GROW with each other. God has entrusted us, as parents, with the precious and crucial responsibility of guiding each life. We are passionate about providing the practical and educational tools that will make each life effective in this world.


Who is LIFE? 

LIFE Co-op was founded in 2013 by two local moms--Hayley Ziebart and Jessica Hugill and then expanded and re-designed in 2014 with the added inspiration of a third mom, Danielle Costa--who all possess this vision for their children. Our co-op currently serves to meet the educational and spiritual needs of Kindergarten through 8th-grade.


Roseburg, OR | 541-510-0783

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