Welcome to LIFE Co-op!

 Information regarding the 2015/16 academic year coming soon!

 What does LIFE stand for?


We strive to be relevant and to know our students... Who they are, how they learn and what they love. We want to instill a deep love and passion for learning...

now, and for the rest of their lives!


We want our children to be impacted so they can go forth and impact this world. 

We want to transform lives...through a school-experience that is rich and Christ-centered! 


We want our children to stand strong...no matter what the future and this world throws their way, leaning on God’s Word to weigh their choices and desires for their own life.


We want our children to understand the world around them so they can thrive within it and better reach and integrate with those around them. We want to equip them to succeed and excel in all pursuits they choose for their adolescent and adult life so they can be inserted into whatever career path they feel God calls them to.

What is LIFE? 

We are a local group of homeschool moms who have the passion and vision to give our kids a class-experience where they can interact, learn, create and GROW with each other. God has entrusted us, as parents, with the precious and crucial responsibility of guiding each life. We are passionate about providing the practical and educational tools that will make each life effective in this world.


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